Guest Editor Selection – My IVF Live

Vanessa is a SAHM, and all of us SAHM’s know there’s nothing more precious than finding a bit of time for yourself– even if it’s just for a few minutes. V just started back with her pre-baby yoga routine and sounds like it’s the best form of therapy a girl could ask for. But with the release from all her stresses, comes her precious little girl, Quinn, in complete and utter distress– trying to adapt to the changes of a stranger watching after her and mama nowhere in sight. I’m proud of you V. You need this. And Quinn will one day thank you for that stretch of over-stimulation. My little girl, Eliana, now screams with excitement when I drop her off in the daycare at the gym. Sometimes I wonder if she even wants me to return…


My IVF Life

Guest Editor Selection – A Softer Side of Strong

Martha was one of my blog winners who I chose to highlight as a guest editor! I’m so glad she sent me this link because now I feel inspired to make some Ch-Ch-Changes! I love how she says that she wants her son to see her living in her passions, not reminiscing on who she USED to be. It’s a great way to look at life. Just because we’re older and have more responsibilities, why do we have to stop living each and every day like it’s our last? The answer is, we don’t!

-Kristen Softer Side of Strong

Guest Editor Selection – Sabine

I love this post! Sabine is all kinds of cool. You know how you’ll read a post and think, we could be “in real life” friends? That’s the great thing about blogging– you find like-minded people, who you wouldn’t meet under normal circumstances, that you instantly think, she’s a cool chick and if we ever cross paths, I bet we’d have a blast. This post in particular made it very clear that I was right all along. Her take on public breastfeeding is simple– It’s a boob, nothing sexual. It’s a boob, that feeds your child. Get it?



Guest Editor Selection – HEY LANEY

After three full years of fighting the infertile battle, I never thought there would come a time that I would think, this sucks– not actually parenting, just moments where you want to fast forward and never speak of again. My friend Alena really captures one of these moments. A sleepless night, a fussy baby, and puke on your pajamas– yeah, unfortunately, sometimes there are parts of parenting that do suck.


Hey Laney

Guest Editor Selection – Where My Green Grass Grows

Whenever I see Ms. Lily on my tumblr dash I know it’s going to be a good day. Though I’ve never had

the privilege to meet Lily or her sweet mama, Courtney, I feel this instant connection with her pictures.

Creepy? Nah. Just wait until you search through a bit. Lily has the most contagious smile since Julia

Roberts. The joy that this little girl brings to a single shot is infinitely awesome. And come on, who

doesn’t love snowflake cookies? Courtney, I’ll be sure to email you my address so you can send me a

batch 🙂


Where My Green Grass Grows