Guest Editor Selection – My IVF Live

Vanessa¬†is a SAHM, and all of us SAHM’s know there’s nothing more precious than finding a bit of time for yourself– even if it’s just for a few minutes. V just started back with her pre-baby yoga routine and sounds like it’s the best form of therapy a girl could ask for. But with the release from all her stresses, comes her precious little girl, Quinn, in complete and utter distress– trying to adapt to the changes of a stranger watching after her and mama nowhere in sight. I’m proud of you V. You need this. And Quinn will one day thank you for that stretch of over-stimulation. My little girl, Eliana, now screams with excitement when I drop her off in the daycare at the gym. Sometimes I wonder if she even wants me to return‚Ķ


My IVF Life